Tourist spots with ocean views

Tourist spots with ocean views

We spend leisurely time while looking at the sea in Koto City, and there are many group and spots that we can enjoy noisily. We enjoy the sea breeze and green, flavor of flower to change by season and swell at event and. How about looking for way of enjoying for oneself at favorite spot?

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Tokyo Yumenoshima Marina (toukyoyumenoshimamarina)

Tokyo Yumenoshima Marina

It is large marina largest in Japan where cruiser and about 660 yachts can moor at. Promenades more than distance in a straight line 100m that can overlook cruiser and yacht and stylish restaurant, open terrace are attractive. We hold various events through one year.

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2. Wakasu Seaside Park (we excite)

Wakasu Seaside Park

We have very large site facing Tokyo Bay, and, other than golf course, yacht training school, facility to be able to enjoy outdoor leisure is substantial park both children and adults while it is blown to fishing at sea facility, artificial beach, the sea breeze including cycling road. It is adjacent with Wakasu Park with going up and down facility to campground and the Tokyo Gate Bridge sidewalk.

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3. Ariake Nishi-Futo Ppark

Ariake Nishi Futo Park

It is lengthwise park adjacent to Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake passenger ship terminal. The area is divided into a sea side and a land side. On the sea side, you can relax, watching water buses crossing the canal and the Ferris wheel. It is along canal and can enjoy fishing. On the garden path, there are eight kaishinzo (ocean god statues) with different facial expressions.

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4. Symbol Promenade Park

Symbol Promenade Park

Symbol Promenade Park has the area of approximately 26.4 hectares. It is 80 m wide and extends over approximately 4 km. It is connected to various facilities within Rinkai sub-city center as the axis of a vast green space. You can view Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Statue of Liberty from here. This is a healing spot in Rinkai sub-city center, where you can enjoy flowers and trees throughout the four seasons, including 100,000 bulbs in 400 varieties of tulips in spring (the most in the Metropolitan area), summer flower beds in Omotenashi Kadan, and fall foliage.

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5. Yumeno Ohashi Bridge

Yumeno Ohashi Bridge

Yumeno Ohashi Bridge connects Aomi and Ariake. It is a pedestrian bridge that spans approximately 60 m. It was built based on the concept of "liveliness of festivals." The uniquely shaped lighting fixtures are designed with images of firefighters' banners and garden lanterns. At center of the bridge, there are tiles depicting Edo sights and Edo culture on the Ariake side, and Tokyo sights and Tokyo culture on the Aomi side. On fine day, we can look at Mount Fuji.

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6. Aomi Kita Futo Park

Aomi Kita Futo Park

In this cool park, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the port town, with a brick-paved garden path and trash boxes decorated for the port town. There are a lot of benches, and night view is beautiful, too.

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7. Akatsuki Port Park

Akatsuki Port Park

There is a lawn, a walkway by the beach, and a BBQ area where you can enjoy time with your family and friends, as well as a fishing area. We can enjoy with style that fitted oneself while feeling the sea breeze.

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