Hottest new places of interest

Hottest new places of interest

From traditional spot full of downtown area taste to the latest tourist attraction that becomes topic all over japan, we just introduce 7 recommended spots becoming topic in Koto City.
In addition, facility to be able to enjoy is full both children and adults and is spot where it is most suitable for outing of holiday.
It is the biggest charm of Koto City that can enjoy widely from tradition to the future.

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Fukagawa Fudodo Temple

Fukagawa Fudodo Temple

Fukagawa Fudodo Temple is Tokyo annex of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple in Narita-shi, Chiba. Since 1703, this temple originated from the dekaicho (moving the principal image of Buddha outside of temple for exhibition to worship) which was often practiced in Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine within the precincts of Eitaiji Temple. The completion of the current main temple (new main temple) was celebrated in September 2011. It has an impressive Fudou-myoou mantra (wall with mantra letters) surrounding the building. These powerful prayer rituals that use fire are held at appointed times every day and are a must-see.

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2. Kameido Umeyashiki

Kameido Umeyashiki

Kameido Umeyashiki opened in March 2013 as a new spot for interaction between Kameido residents and tourists. This was built, with Umeyashiki, the leisure home in Kameido during Edo Period, as the model. It has been a place for rest and interaction among local residents and tourists, as the local spot in Kameido to shop, eat, play, and rest.

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3. Former Nakagawa river station (rapid Kagawa, river we obtain and come)

Former Nakagawa river station

The River Station was opened in March 2013 (the 25th year of the Heisei era) as a lively new waterside location at the confluence of the Kyuunakagawa and Onagigawa Rivers. A slope has been put in place to enable what was the first amphibious bus in the Tokyo Metropolitan area to enter the water. As well as giving visitors the chance to witness at close quarters the impressive sight of the bus plunging into the water, this facility features a boarding area for rowing boats, and anyone can drop by to sample the lively atmosphere.

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4. Tokyo Gate Bridge (toukyogetoburijji)

Tokyo Gate Bridge

This bridge was opened in February 2012 (the 24th year of the Heisei era), and connects Wakasu in Koto City with reclaimed land outside the Central Breakwater. Because silhouette is like dinosaur facing each other, it is also called another name "dinosaur bridge" and gains popularity as new famous spot of Koto City. Visitors can appreciate the beautifully colorful nighttime illuminations, which represent Japan’s four seasons.

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WILDMAGIC Urban Outdoor Park is an urban education park composed of vintage designs and various features on over approximately 1.6 hectares in front of Shin Toyosu Train Station. On the wide, 100 ㎡ lawn in front of Skytree and Tokyo Tower, you can fully enjoy time with your family and close friends. It is attractive that barbecue is done empty-handed.

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6. The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park, SONA AREA TOKYO

The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park, SONA AREA TOKYO

When large-scale earthquake disasters occurred in metropolitan area, as for the Tokyo Rinkai Koiki Bosai Koen (The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park), urgent disaster field task forces such as country or local government are set up, and it is in place taking charge of order function that the whole park is broad-based. In this facility, you can learn about disaster prevention and have fun learning through disaster prevention training and various events held regularly.

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7. DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Amusement facility is enriched and is TOKYO TREND REVUE where every entertainment including fashion gourmet & foods fuses.

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