As for taking picture of that work! Visiting locations

As for taking picture of that work! Visiting locations

There are many spots used in Koto City as location. Including scenery of rich waterside that seems to be building which can feel history and tradition, facility where is modern, and individuality shines, "city of attractive waters" shooting is performed for the purpose of various. We find location of curious work and photograph and make, and how?

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

It is building which design of Takahiko Yanagisawa (TAK) is characterized by. At the large entrance, there are triangular pillars and a wall with multiple round holes through which the sunshine creates beautiful patterns. The surface of the water shaking for wind is reflected in ceiling in waterside, and the unique atmosphere gives shadow in work.

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2. Telecom Center Building

Telecom Center Building

This has been used as the location for filming numerous TV dramas, including ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Tokyo Tower’, ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’, ‘Aibo’, ‘Masked Rider Decade’, and Beauty or the Beast’. With its high ceiling, this building has an open, modern feel, and its lobby is often used as a location for scenes made to look as if they are taking place in airports, hotels, and offices. The atrium extends to the fifth floor, which is particularly useful when the filming of large-scale scenes takes place from the upper floors. The fifth floor was constructed as an airport lounge, and has been used numerous times as a location for scenes in which the main characters in a movie or TV drama reunite, are separated, or say farewell.

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3. Tokyo Yumenoshima Marina (toukyoyumenoshimamarina)

Tokyo Yumenoshima Marina

With its large parking lot, conference rooms, wharfs, green spaces, restaurants, and so on, this marina enables a diverse range of shots when location filming, and has been used for various TV dramas, including ‘Yamanadeshiko’, ‘Perfect Blue’, and ‘Summer Rescue’. Even TV variety shows such as ‘Guruguru Ninety-Nine’ and ‘Uchimura Samaazu’ have used the facilities here as a main location for filming projects. This is one of the largest scale marinas in Tokyo Bay, with mooring space for around 660 cabin cruisers and yachts, and it often plays host to location filming for scenes involving boats. Fashionable party scenes are also filmed at its restaurants and terraces, which afford unbroken views of the 100-meter-plus promenade and the yacht harbor.

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4. Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Etchujima Campus

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Etchujima Campus

School buildings with a rich history are a feature of this campus, for example building no.1, which was constructed in 1932 (the 7th year of the Showa era) and is registered as a tangible cultural property. Filming often takes place at locations that use the campus itself, its school buildings, and their roofs as a backdrop. Until now, the campus has been used as a location for TV dramas such as ‘Kobuta. Wo Produce’, ‘Honey and Clover’, ‘Doctor X’, and ‘Tombi’.

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5. Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum

Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum

This is a renovated building of the Tokyo Fukagawa Shokudo, which had been built as Tokyo City-owned cafeteria in 1932. In 2008, it was designated as National Registered Tangible Cultural Property for being a building rebuilt after an earthquake that still exists as public cafeteria. Currently, it is the hub of the district's tourism and culture to conduct exhibition. It conducts projects relating to the contemporary history and food culture of Koto-ku. Café Nichiyo in the facility (irregular hours) provides meals and sweets.

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