Night view special feature - Rinkai Area

Night view special feature - Rinkai Area

Rinkai Area to be able to enjoy neo-futuristic scenery seeing bridge and building group lighted up, Tokyo Bay is perfect night view spot. As shopping entertainment facilities are satisfying areas, in the case of shopping and meal, why don't you make a tour of night views leisurely?

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Tokyo Gate Bridge (toukyogetoburijji)

Tokyo Gate Bridge

This bridge was opened in February 2012 (the 24th year of the Heisei era), and connects Wakasu in Koto City with reclaimed land outside the Central Breakwater. Because silhouette is like dinosaur facing each other, it is also called another name "dinosaur bridge" and gains popularity as new famous spot of Koto City. Visitors can appreciate the beautifully colorful nighttime illuminations, which represent Japan’s four seasons.

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2. Toyosu Park/Harumibashi Park

Toyosu Park, Harumibashi Park

Toyosu Park, with a lawn surrounding the canal, and Harumibashi Park by the water are located in the fast-developing Toyosu area. Pleasure boat goes in and out while opening and closing "bascule bridge" in adjacent large commercial facilities, and harbor view of superb view spreads. At night, you can enjoy a panoramic night view of beautifully lit-up cranes, Harumi Ohashi Bridge, and Rainbow Bridge.

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3. Symbol Promenade Park

Symbol Promenade Park

At 80 meters wide and with a combined length of around four kilometers, Symbol Promenade Park covers an area of around 26.4 hectares, and as an extensive focal point for greenery, connects various facilities within the coastal urban sub-center. We can enjoy representative night view of Tokyo including Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.

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4. Yumeno Ohashi Bridge

Yumeno Ohashi Bridge

Yumeno Ohashi Bridge connects Aomi and Ariake. It is a pedestrian bridge that spans approximately 60 m. It is attractive to be able to enjoy both gorgeous night view of Tokyoteleport and the downtown area of the north side and quiet night views of warehouse street of the south side. The bridge was constructed based on the concept of a festival-like atmosphere, and the lighting for its unique form was designed to bring to mind both hanging garden lanterns and matoi, the striking decorative standards carried by Edo-era firefighters. The center of the bridge is adorned with tiles depicting Edo culture and famous locations in Edo on the Ariake side, and Tokyo culture and famous locations in Tokyo on the Aomi side.

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5. Aomi Minami Futo Park

Aomi Minami Futo Park

Aomi Minami Futo Park has a different atmosphere on the land side and the ocean side. There is a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay from beside the shipping lane on the ocean side of the park, and looking out towards the sea from here, visitors can enjoy nighttime views of Haneda Airport in the distance, the artificial island of Umihotaru Parking Area, and the Aomi and Oi Container Terminals. Also, the park is adjoined by container berths, and the sight of airplanes in flight directly behind these is particularly impressive. On the land side, there is a calm park with a Japanese garden style. It has a flow featuring corridors and arrangements of natural stones, as well as a pond with ducks.

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6. Telecom Center

Telecom Center

On the top floor of this 21-story building is an observation deck with sweeping panoramic views. The deck boasts what are probably the best views in Koto City of Tokyo’s distinctive skyline, including everything from Tokyo Water Front to Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge. Inside the observation deck are tables, chairs, and binoculars, enabling visitors to appreciate the night views in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

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7. Palette Town

Palette town

Visitors can see the Giant Sky Wheel, along with the near-futuristic illuminations of the city. The Giant Sky Wheel’s illuminations use the seasons as a motif, decorating the night sky with beautiful colors. It is excellent spot that can overlook Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree ®, famous place of Tokyo including Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Gate Bridge.

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8. Helicopter cruising (herikoputakurujingu (toukyoheripotohatchaku))

Helicopter cruising

Here visitors can charter a helicopter, enabling them to take a sightseeing flight in the night skies above Tokyo. Panoramic views can be enjoyed from on board, starting with renowned sights such as Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Skytree. Appreciate panoramic views of Tokyo at night in a form that is both fun and unique. ※Boarding of helicopter needs advance reservations.

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