To the shopping district overflowing with the warmth of downtown people

To the shopping district overflowing with the warmth of downtown people

Koto City has individual mall many whom both adult and child can enjoy. You can enjoy enough just to look, but please feel human empathy of downtown area while talking with local people.

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Kameido Katori Kachiun Shopping Street

Kameido Katori Kachiun Shopping Street

Kameido Katori Kachiun Shopping Street with history that is the oldest in Koto City. Since the Meiji era, this area has been developed on the approach road which originally was within the precincts of Katori Shrine. It is approximately 1.6 km away from Skytree, a good distance for a walk. In spring 2011, it was renovated and reopened and has been bustling with people throughout the area as a tourist retro shopping district with a Showa 30s theme.

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2. Sunamachi Ginza Shopping Street (sunamachiginzashotengai)

Sunamachi Ginza Shopping Street

Celebrity mall where the name is known to in the whole country. Other than perishables, about 180 various shops link the eaves up to side dish and fabrics for kimono, daily necessities such as oden classes. We can enjoy the old downtown atmosphere of Tokyo enough just to look, and to turn around. "Stupid value city" of 10th has large discount and is must-see every month.

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3. Ninjo Fukagawa Goriyakudori Street

Ninjo Fukagawa Goriyakudori Street (Fukagawa Fudouson Store Association)

Located right outside of Monzen-nakacho Station, Ninjo Fukagawa Goriyakudori Street is the 150-meter temple approach road stretching from Eitai-dori to Fukagawa Fudodo Temple. About 40 shops line the street, offering Japanese sweets, Amazake, Kyoto pickles, Edo accessories, and jewelry. Enjoy the liveliness of the shopping arcade. On the 1st, 15th, and 28th of every month the road bustles with even larger crowds due to the fairs that are held.

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4. Takabashi-Norakurodo(Takabashi Shopping Street) (takabashinorakurodo (takabashishotengai))

Takabashi-Norakurodo(Takabashi Shopping Street)

It is mall that can encounter work "norakuro" of comic artist, Suiho Tagawa who spent youth in Koto City from infanthood. We hold vehicle-free promenade on Sundays and holidays and, also, are full of many people at the time of event holding. Way sugara, norakuroni to a certain "Tagawa Suiho Norakuro-kan(Norakuro building)" are surrounded in Morishita Culture Center and can enjoy meal, shopping.

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5. Morishita Shopping Street (morishitashotengai)

Morishita Shopping Street

Mall where well-established restaurants more than founding 100 years link the eaves. There is gourmet and downtown area atmospheric restaurant of origin, too, and many gourmets and celebrities come. In addition, many people visit morning glory city holding from late June through early July every year. There is art object of "fireman's standard" (fireman's standard) which fire fighter of the Edo era used at intersection and is most suitable for start and goal point of Fukagawa walk.

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6. Fukagawa shiryokan dori Shopping Street

Fukagawa shiryokan dori Shopping Street

Mall where is lined with about 100 stores according to about 800 meters that Fukagawa Edo Museum was faced with. Kiyosumi Garden is on the west side of the shopping district, and Tokyo-to Gendai Bijutsukan (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) is on the east side. The Kakashi Contest is held every September. Individual "scarecrows" line on street. There are unique stores lined up and you can find something new every time you visit.

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7. Fukagawa-nakacyodori Shopping Street

Fukagawa-nakacyodori Shopping Street

This has been the busy district since the Edo period and its prosperity has continued to the present. This area is busy with people on the 1st, 15th, and 28th of every month at the Fukagawa fairs. Approximately 130 shops line Eitai-dori, the center of the area, and you can buy everything from food to daily necessities.

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8. Botancho Shopping Street

Botancho Shopping Street

There is a shopping district along Ohyokogawa River running parallel to Fukagawa Fudodo Temple, Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, and Eitai-dori. Open around Sumiyoshi Shinto shrine, and there is shop of little-known spot to the people in the know, too. In Furuishibagawa Water Park nearby, you can enjoy a walk and visit the shopping district where flowers bloom throughout all four seasons. Many people especially enjoy the peonies that bloom in spring, along with cherry blossoms that bloom on both sides of the Toyokawa River.

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9. Kameido Tenjindori Shopping Street

Kameido Tenjindori Shopping Street

This popular shopping district along Kuramaebashi-dori faces the approach road of Kameidoten Shrine. Especially at Fuji Festival held in May, it is full of people during the rites of Kameido Tenjinsha Shrine. There are many traditional Japanese sweets stores that sell senbei, manju, and kuzumochi, as well as places to eat and stores that sell products related to Tenjin-sama. You can enjoy this area while taking the time to walk around before or after visiting the shrine.

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10. Kameido Jyusangendori Shopping Street

Kameido Jyusangendori Shopping Street

This shopping district spreads along Meiji-dori, on the north side of Kameido Train Station. On Sundays, the street becomes a pedestrian zone full of people. There are various kinds of stores, traditional and popular. It is a busy shopping district with an unceasing flow of people throughout the day.

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11. Kameido Go-chome Chuo-dori Shopping District

Kameido Gochome Chuodori Shopping Street

This shopping district extends for 660 meters from east to west, from Meiji-dori to beyond the Tobu Line railroad crossing, on the north side of Kameido Train Station. By "carp streamer festival held in May," carp streamer swims every year all over the mall. The shopping district, full of downtown warm-heartedness, is equipped with LED street lights.

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12. Gonohashi Toyokunidori Shopping Street

Gonohashi Toyokunidori Shopping Street

Gonohashi Toyokunidori Shopping Street is located to the south side of Kameido Train Station and extends for 250 meters along the length of Meiji-dori. At the 3rd Toyokuni Gototeien, an authentic Japanese garden on the south side of the shopping district, various events are held every year. The names of the shopping district and garden originate from a popular ukiyoe artist living by Gonohashi (previously Itsutsume-no Watashi), Toyokuni Utagawa III.

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13. Ojima Nakanohashi Shopping Street (ojimanakanohashishotengai)

Ojima Nakanohashi Shopping Street

Mall that extends to the north from east side, Shin-ohashi-dori St. of Ojima Station. About 100 stores link the eaves to go according to 300m, and stores such as fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, side dish jostle each other and are right "kitchen of downtown area". It becomes vehicle-free promenade and, from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., is full of shoppers. We hold city surprised at 8th every month.

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14. Toyosu Shopping Street

Toyosu Shopping Street

Mall in front of Toyosu Station. This shopping district supports the lives and community of the new town by holding events such as Halloween parades and—in cooperation with other town-making groups—holding the Toyosu Carnival and Toyosu Suisai Festival. Shop of about 50 stores including eating and drinking store and product sales store links the eaves and is full of many people every day.

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