Think about resources and the environment

Think about resources and the environment

Koto City has facility conveying spot using residual heat of garbage and sewage plant and importance of resources. We think about environmental problem with important person, and how about visiting for the making of opportunity to talk about?

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Tokyo Sewarage Museum "Rainbow"

Tokyo Sewerage Museum “Rainbow”

At the Tokyo Sewarage Museum "Rainbow", you can experience working in a sewer system, which you cannot usually experience. "The sewer is great! Interesting! Thankful!" It is facility where a lot of such impressions are packed in.

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2. Tokyo Water Science Museum

Tokyo Water Science Museum

Tokyo Water Science Museum is PR facility of the Tokyo Waterworks Bureau available free. In June 2010, it was renovated and reopened as a hands-on museum to introduce the wonders and the scientific importance of water, and to deepen interest in water and the water supply. Furthermore, "aqua tour" that stopped for Ariake water station construction was reborn by imaging technique of projection mapping in March, 2013. From wonder of water to structure of water supply, we can learn in parent and child happily.

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3. Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome (yumenoshimanettaishokubutsukan)

Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome

The Tropical Greenhouse Dome uses residual heat from the neighboring waste treatment plant, with displays of plants from the subtropical Ogasawara islands—which are part of Tokyo—to the wider tropics, in a large greenhouse that is similar to a real natural environment. Flower arrangement classes, concerts, and so on are also organized in spaces such as the Event Hall.

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4. Shin-Koto garbage and sewage plant (shinkoutouseisokoujo)

Shin-Koto garbage and sewage plant

This is the largest waste treatment plant in Japan, with the capacity to incinerate 1800 metric tons of waste daily. Residual heat from the plant is passed on for use by the neighboring Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome. Members of the public in groups of nine or less can take guided tours of the facility on the 2nd and 4th Saturday afternoons of every month, while guided tours for groups of 10 or more are available on weekdays on request. (making a reservation over telephone is necessary beforehand.)

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5. Koto City Environmental Learning Information Museum Ekokkuru Koto (koutoukukankyogakusyujohokanekokkurukoutou)

Koto City Environmental Learning Information Museum Ekokkuru Koto

Ekokkuru Koto is an educational facility where visitors can use their five senses to learn about everything from waste treatment issues close to home to global environmental problems. Visitors can also take part in various lectures and workshops.

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6. Gas Science Museum

Gas Science Museum

Gas Science Museum is full of devices to easily learn about energy and gas while touring the seven exhibition zones. On each floor, a communicator will provide support when you have questions, or notice or discover something. Please see, hear, experience, and feel the wonderous world of gas, together with the fun and cute characters, Puka, Poka, and Pika.

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7. Wood & Plywood Museum (mokuzai, gohanhakubutsukan)

Wood & Plywood Museum

‘Wood and plywood for the future of our environment.’ This museum opened its doors in October 2007 (the 19th year of the Heisei period), and helps to prevent climate change and create tranquil living through the use of forest resources. Through these, the museum contributes to the building of an abundant society in which humans and nature can exist in harmony with each other.

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8. Ariake Garbage and Sewage Plant

Ariake garbage and sewage plant

At the study tour conducted every month, you can learn how trash from the home is disposed of after being delivered to a waste incineration plant. Visit expense is free. Even one person can participate.
During the study tour, you watch an introduction video of the waste incineration plant, and then tour the factory with an employee guide. It is an opportunity to think again about trash, which is an inseparable part of our lives.

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9. Wakasu Wind Power Generation Facility (wakasufuuryokuhatsudenshisetsu)

Wakasu Wind Power Generation Facility

In Wakasu Park facing the sea, wind of 5.7m per second blows and is relatively suitable for wind-generated electricity. Therefore huge windmill which becomes 100m in height as symbol of environmental consideration to think about the issue of global environment turns around. Please feel for yourself the possibilities of natural energy, through observing the production of electricity by wind power.

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