Large shopping facility

Large shopping facility

Koto City has shopping facility of various styles. There are many shopping facility having high convenience that local people gather in Fukagawa, Joto Area, futuristic large size facilities which entertainment can enjoy in Rinkai Area. As there is small facility which is reliable with children let alone friends and couple, family can enjoy all together.

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Amusement facility is enriched and is TOKYO TREND REVUE where every entertainment including fashion gourmet & foods fuses.

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2. Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu

Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu

It is urban shopping facility where about 180 shops and restaurants gather. Small; stroller and child restroom, the nursing room are substantial to be able to enjoy shopping in peace with children. Contents that adult including "united cinema Toyosu" with premiere pair seat can enjoy on restaurant and bar lounge where night view of setting sun and Rainbow Bridge is beautiful, all screen are prepared while "town experience-based together with dumb person for child" "KidZania Tokyo" enters.

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3. Wanza Ariake Bay Mall

Wanza Ariake Bay Mall

These composite facilities include various facilities, such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants, a bank, a post office, and a clinic. Okunai Taki Shower Tree (Indoor Waterfall Shower Tree) is a must-see, from which you can enjoy a spectacular show with water, lights, and music, and in which approximately 2 tons of water showers all at once from a height of 35 m for 7 minutes.

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4. SUNAMO Minamisunamachi Shopping center (minamisunamachishoppingusentasunamo)

SUNAMO Minamisunamachi Shopping center

SUNAMO Minamisunamachi Shopping center (sunamo) is large size commercial complex which assumed "keeping anything anytime" o theme with "daily life to tickle heart". Seven large stores and about 100 specialty stores gather in a hall and suggest various lifestyles.

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5. FUKAGAWA GATHARIA (fukagawagyazaria)


Shopping and amenity facility where FUKAGAWA GATHARIA supports living of local one are substantial. It is "shopping" "we enjoy" commercial complex where charm spots gather variously "to play" "to eat".

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6. Topyrec Plaza (topirekkupuraza)

Topyrec Plaza

Topyrec Plaza is commercial complex consisting of the east hall, ion building, the west halls. In addition to food, clothing and shelter, we have facility in medical and sports leisure. In promenade in facility, we can enjoy illuminations in outdoor lamp banner changing every season and winter.

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7. Venus Fort


It is shopping facility which can enjoy fascinating cityscape such as south France and north Italy of the 17th to the 18th century. We have store of about 190 in response to various needs including pet store and shop for kids baby. In addition, we found outlet floor "Venus OUTLET" where about 50 domestic and foreign brands link the eaves in (2009) in 2009. It is reopened as whole country's first "hybrid type shopping mall" and is full of many people.

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8. Tokyo East 21 (toukyoisuto 21)

Tokyo East 21

Tokyo East 21 is facility having shopping mall, hotel, event space, office building. Other than restaurant securing hypermarket market and about 1,000 seats of total seats, both restaurant & bar lounge and banquet room and hotel, clinic, dental clinic, dispensing pharmacy to have are facilities full of vigor that there is. We can enjoy illuminations colored on different theme by year in winter.

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9. Ario Kitasuna (there is and gets up, and do not add)

Ario Kitasuna

It is large size commercial facilities comprised in specialty stores more than 100 to be able to enjoy around general merchandise store "Ito-Yokado Kitasuna shop" toward fashion, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, amusement, kids, various generations including gym. Characteristic and specialized store supporting our "daily life" is substantial.

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