Event entertainment facility

Event entertainment facility

With family and friend! Even a great number of people introduce entertainment facility to be able to enjoy. Let alone events such as live or exhibition, you can enjoy professional wrestling and martial art, a great variety of entertainment including hot spring. You get friend together, and please go out.

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Shinkiba 1st RING (shinkibafasutoringu)

Sinkiba 1st RING

We open in (2004) March in 2004. With a permanent wrestling ring, numerous events take place here, including combat sports as well as professional wrestling. An entertainment facility for fans of professional wrestling, combat sports, and more.

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2. Studio Coast (sutajiokosuto)

Studio Coast

Located in Shinkiba, this is one of the most top-class and large-scale concert halls in Japan, which at weekends plays host to ageHa club events. Opened on December 31st, 2002 (the14th year of the Heisei era), this large-scale, multi-purpose auditorium is one of the most impressive in the country.

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3. Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu

Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu

It is full of pleasant spots including KidZania Tokyo and movie theater. There are marina kitchen (food court) and dog cafe of opening-like space, too. Events such as concerts and performances are always held there, and a large crowd of people visits them every day. Water buses are operated from the dock and the cranes lit up at night are a must-see. In the evening, you can enjoy the night view of Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Skytree. Your dogs can freely run and play on the dog run with the largest natural lawn in Tokyo.

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4. DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Amusement facility is enriched and is TOKYO TREND REVUE where every entertainment including fashion gourmet & foods fuses.

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5. Palette Town

Palette town

This large commercial complex includes the Venus Fort shopping mall, the MEGA WEB hands-on vehicle theme park, the large Ferris Wheel symbol of the Rinkai area, the Zepp Tokyo concert hall, the Tokyo Leisure Land indoor-style amusement facility, and more.

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6. Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari

Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari

You can enjoy a total of 13 kinds of baths, such as indoor baths fed with water from a spring source drawn from 1,400m underground, an open-air bath, an outdoor footbath, and more. You can also choose your favorite Yukata from the seven kinds available. It has services that people of all ages can enjoy all day, including the restaurant and shop space that reproduces the liveliness of the Hirokouji and Yaoya-cho Edo downtown areas, the Yasumi-dokoro for relaxing after bathing, and the Hogushi-dokoro for relaxation and aesthetics.

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7. Ariake Tennis-no Mori Park, Ariake Colosseum

Ariake-tennis-no-mori Park, Ariake Colosseum

It is tennis court which is full of lawn and green of grove-centered park. 48 tennis courts, lawn open space are on very large site center court "Ariake Colosseum" with seat of 10,000 people whom international game, concert are carried out for. You can easily use tennis courts by the hour, even as a beginner (reservations required). In addition, it is full of people enjoying walk, jogging, picnic.

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8. Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)

Kokusaitenjijo (Tokyo Big Sight)

Tokyo's International Exhibition Hall, Tokyo Big Sight, has a 240,000㎡ grounds and was opened in Ariake in 1996. Wide event about 300 cases a year, about 15 million people arrive.

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