Joto Area — Around Minami-sunamachi Station

Joto Area — Around Minami-sunamachi Station

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Minami-Sunamachi Station" neighborhood, area of "Toyocho Station" neighborhood (the east side). Sendaiborigawa Park which Former residential house of Oishi family which is the oldest private house existing in ward is located is full of many people in spring as famous spot of cherry tree. Around Minami-sunamachi Station has two supercenter, and various events are held mainly on holiday and are recommended to outing in families.

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. The site of Cannon Casting of Choshu Domain (historical site) (chosyuhantaihochuzojoato)

The site of Cannon Casting of Choshu Domain (historical site)

Choshu feudal clan received instruction of Shozan Sakuma in residence of suburban residence of a daimyo where Minamisuna, Koto-ku around 2-3 matched in the late Tokugawa period by the late Tokugawa period and cast cannon. It is saved, and, as for the monument in ruins, real cannon made here is installed in anvariddo (the House of crippled soldier) of Paris on the base of white granite with bronze thing made produced as model in those days now.

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2. Former residential house of Oishi family (kyuoishikejutaku)

Former residential house of Oishi family

Former residential house of Oishi family is the oldest private house house existing in ward built in the Edo era. It is precious house to leave building original figure through repeated disasters such as major earthquakes of (1855) at the present in 1855. Was appointed in tangible cultural property (building) of Koto City in (1994) March in 1994 to protect, and to convey the cultural historic value and was restored removing and rebuilding after the dismantling investigation here in 1996.

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3. Topyrec Plaza (topirekkupuraza)

Topyrec Plaza

Topyrec Plaza is commercial complex consisting of the east hall, ion building, the west halls. In addition to food, clothing and shelter, we have facility in medical and sports leisure. In promenade in facility, we can enjoy illuminations in outdoor lamp banner changing every season and winter.

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4. Tomigaoka Hachimangu Shrine (tomigaokahachimanguu)

Tomigaoka Hachimangu Shrine

We are considered to be the foundation of last years of Nara and are believed as genius locus local deity God. It becomes famous as suburban famous place of Edo particularly prayer way of row of cherry blossom trees is described in "famous place Edo 100 view" of Hiroshige Andou later during the Edo era. Mt.Fuji-shaped mound of the precincts is Koto City designated cultural assets.

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5. The site of Susaki Stadium (historical site) (susakikyujoato)

The site of Susaki Stadium (historical site)

In Suzaki Stadium (another name, Suzaki Dai-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insur. Stadium), it was in stronghold of the professional baseball team "Dai-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insur. military" formed to the sixth in Japan in (1936) February in 1936 at baseball field of Japanese professional baseball days of creation, but was closed in prewar days. Koto City built monument in (2005) in 2005.

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6. SUNAMO Minamisunamachi Shopping center (minamisunamachishoppingusentasunamo)

SUNAMO Minamisunamachi Shopping center

SUNAMO Minamisunamachi Shopping center (sunamo) is large size commercial complex which assumed "keeping anything anytime" o theme with "daily life to tickle heart". Seven large stores and about 100 specialty stores gather in a hall and suggest various lifestyles.

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7. Gallery A4 (gyarariekuwaddo) (gyarariekuwaddo)

Gallery A4

It is the gallery in Takenaka Corporation Tokyo Main Store. We tell concept by pleasure of building through art, photograph, picture, display of various mediums including publication from the latest technology in "the gallery who can enjoy architecture". In gallery to be able to enjoy from general one to expert, we hold course and workshop about building.

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8. Koto City Koto library (we ask)

Koto City Koto library

We finish repair work in (2013) September in 2013 and are reopened and introduce IC system and are library where we installed automatic rental, return machine, reservation shelf in. We possess 480,000 points of books. "Schoolchild group evacuation reference library" displaying document to tell about state of children who evacuated in a group to each place of Yamagata, Niigata in order to avoid damage of air raid by the Pacific War again (as of the end of March, 2014) is installed and can see document, letter, photograph at the time of evacuation.

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9. Shinsuna water gate (shinsunasuimon)

Shinsuna water gate

It is water gate of width 23.4m installed in (1976) in doorway of Sunamachi canal connected to the mouth of Arakawa part in 1976. It is made with form called sector gate, and two pieces of Ougi type gate swings on the fulcrum at the root.

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