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Wood Place Tokyo Okonomi Studio

"Delicious" okonomiyaki classroom which otafuku employee tells

There are various activities and attractions—including one-off events—at Tokyo Okonomi Studio in Otafuku headquarters, Tokyo, starting with the ‘Okonomiyaki School’, at which visitors can learn the most delicious ways to cook and eat okonomiyaki. In a way that is both enjoyable and tasty, visitors can have a hands-on learning experience. An extensive selection of Otafuku products and merchandise rarely seen elsewhere in the Kanto area is available in the showroom on the first floor! We can purchase.

Address 5-6-11, Kiba, Koutou-ku otafuku Motobu, Tokyo building
TEL 03-5245-3714 (Otafuku Sauce Company, Limited East Japan branch office okonomiyaki section Tokyo)
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kiba Station" Exit 3 3-minute walk
URL https://www.otafuku.co.jp/laboratory/event/tokyo.html

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