Yokojyukkengawa Water Park yokojikkengawashinsuikouen

Yokojyukkengawa Water Park

Water park in accord with seasonal nature that we can enjoy boat or Japanese-style ship boarding

Yokojyukkengawa Water Park extends for a total of 1,900 m, from the Onagigawa River to Hirazumibashi Bridge. The Yokojukkengawa River was originally excavated in 1659 (the 2nd year of the Manji era). The ‘jukken’ part of its name comes from the fact that its width was about ‘jukken’—that is ten so-called ‘ken’ in the old Japanese system of measurements—while the ‘yoko’ part of its name originates in the fact that it flowed crosswise—’yoko’ meaning sideways or across—when viewed from Edo Castle. As well as being able to experience boarding a Japanese-style ship from the Edo era, visitors can enjoy the natural environment from season to season, along with a boating terminal, an aquatic playground, and a pond featuring Japanese iris flowers.

Address 3-22-9, Ogibashi, Koutou-ku point, 6-2-7, Toyo point
TEL About Japanese boat riding: 03-3647-2538 (Koto City river Park section engineering team)
About other facilities: 03-5683-5581 (Koto City waterside and green office)
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Toyocho Station" Exit 4 7-minute walk/Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line "Sumiyoshi Station" Exit B1 9-minute walk
URL https://www.city.koto.lg.jp/470705/machizukuri/kasenkoen/shinsuikoen/17620.html

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