Former residential house of Oishi family kyuoishikejutaku

Former residential house of Oishi family

The oldest private house house which exists in ward built in the Edo era

The former residence of the Oishi family is the oldest private house built in the Edo era that still exists in the city. The building overcame a succession of disasters, such as a major earthquake in 1855 (the 2nd year of the Ansei era), and is a valuable private house whose appearance remains the same today as when it was built. In order both to protect and to impart that cultural and historical value, the house was certified as a tangible cultural property (building) in 1994 (the 6th year of the Heisei era), and following a survey into the feasibility of its being dismantled, was moved to its present location and reconstructed in 1996.

Address 5-24, Minamisuna, Koutou-ku frontage (the Sendaiborigawa Park)
TEL 03-3647-9819 (person in charge of Koto City Cultural and Tourism Division cultural assets)
Access A 12-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Minami-Sunamachi Station" 2b exit

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