Arakawa Rock Gate arakawarokkugeto

Arakawa Rock Gate

Disaster prevention lock which plays an active part at the time of disaster

A lock gate is a device that enables water-borne vehicles to move between two rivers with differing water levels, and performs a similar function to an elevator. The water levels of the Arakawa and Kyuunakagawa Rivers differ by as much as three meters, but thanks to the completion of the Arakawa Lock Gate, it has been possible to maintain water traffic in both directions to the Koto Delta, which is sandwiched between the Arakawa and Sumidagawa Rivers. In turn, it has become possible to assist with recovery in times of disaster, for example through the transport of relief supplies and materials for reconstruction, and through rescuing disaster victims.

Address 2, Higashisuna, Koutou-ku frontage, 1, Komatsugawa, Edogawa-ku frontage
TEL 03-3902-2379 (lower Arakawa river office)
Access Toei Shinjuku Line "Higashi-Ojima Station" large Shimaguchi 15-minute walk

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