Katori Shrine

Katorijinja Shrine

God of sports promotion with history that is the oldest in ward

Ebisujin and Daikokujin, the deities of the Kameido Seven Deities of Good Luck believed to have divine grace for prosperity, are enshrined on these precincts. Katori Shrine has the oldest history of any shrine in the district and is said to have been transferred to its current location by Nakatomino Kamatari when he went down to the eastern region of Japan in 665, the 4th year of Emperor Tenji. It is also said that during the rebellion of Tairano Masakado, Tawaranotouta Hidesato prayed to this shrine and dedicated an arrow after his prayer was answered. As the rite originated from this, Kachiyasai (Winning Arrow Festival) is held on May 5 every year. The shrine is popular among many people for enshrining the deity of long life for warriors in old times and currently as a deity of sports success.

Address 3-57-22, Kameido, Koutou-ku
TEL 03-3684-2813
Access JR Sobu Line, Tobu Kameido Line "Kameido Station" north exit 10-minute walk
URL http://katorijinja.jp/

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