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Historical Shinto shrine with Tokyo designated cultural assets "seawall monument"

In the Edo era, Susaki Shrine was known as Susaki Benten Shrine, but in 1868 (the first year of the Meiji era) was renamed Susaki Shrine in accordance with government policy to separate Buddhism and Shintoism. According to the shrine’s history, Benten Shrine was built in 1700 (the 13th year of the Genroku era) by the Buddhist priest Ryuukou of Goji Temple. There he installed an image of the god Benten, which had been brought from Mt. Momiji in the grounds of Edo Castle. In the grounds of the shrine are the Namiyoke stone monument, which warns of the dangers of tsunami and has been designated by the city of Tokyo as a cultural asset, along with a monument to Saochuu, who was a master in the craft of making fishing rods.

Address 6-13-13, Kiba, Koutou-ku
TEL 03-3644-1092
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kiba Station" Exit 2 3-minute walk

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