We quit Tatsumi-no-mori Seaside Park

Tatsumi-no-mori Seaside Park

Park to be able to enjoy eight kinds of new sports

Visitors to the park can enjoy eight different varieties of ‘new sport’, such as putter golf and mini tennis, which are both safe and full of recreational value. Visitors can of course hire the necessary sporting equipment, making this the ideal place for families to come on a day out and get some much needed exercise. The Tatsumi Health and Sports Festival is held in October each year, during which visitors can enjoy all kinds of new sports free of charge. In addition, there are playground equipment facility and dog orchid facility which can play with doggy together.

Address 2, Tatsumi, Koutou-ku
TEL 03-5569-8672 (administration office)
Access Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Tatsumi Station" Exit 2 7-minute walk
URL http://www.tptc.co.jp/park/03_01/newsports#mainbody

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