Basho-Inari Shrine bashoinarijinja

Basho-Inari Shrine

Inari Shinto shrine which was enshrined on the ground said that there was Basho hermitage

Basho-Inari Shrine was enshrined in (1917) by hand of local people in 1917, and, in the precincts, there is stone tablet of monument and Basho of Basho hermitage trace. It is thought that Basho once lived in a hermitage near here, making this a historic spot in Tokyo. The land on which the hermitage stood was owned by Sugiyama Sanpuu, one of Basho’s followers, and Basho embarked on travels around Japan from when he moved there in 1680 (the 8th year of the Enpo era) until his death at the age of 51 in October 1694 (the 7th year of the Genroku era).

Address 1-3-12, Tokiwa, Koutou-ku
Access Toei Oedo Line, Toei Shinjuku Line "Morishita Station" Exit A1 6-minute walk

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