Houtoji Temple and maggot

Houtoji Temple

Temple of the Shingon Buddhism intellect mountain group in Oshima, Koto-ku

Hotoji Temple, which is a temple of the Chisan sect of Shingon Buddhism, was established by Hoin Ken’i in 1610 (the 15th year of the Keicho era) and is also known as Inariyama Kona-in. There are many items in Hotoji Temple registered as cultural assets by Koto City, including the famous Shioname Jizo statue (literally ‘salt licking jizo’), whose origin is in the Edo era practice of merchants making offerings of salt to wish for prosperity in business. Because it is said that receiving and then rubbing salt into a wart before a Buddhist altar will heal the wart, another name for the statue is Ibotori Jizo (literally ‘statue to take away warts’).

Address 8-38-32, Ojima, Koutou-ku
TEL 03-3681-8848
Access Toei Shinjuku Line "Higashi-Ojima Station" large Shimaguchi 8-minute walk

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