Japanese-style ship boarding, oar row experience

In quiet, elegant Japanese-style ship, do you not taste Edo atmosphere?

In Koto City, steerage is doing seven Japanese-style ship by cooperation of "fair of Japanese-style ship friend" working on for the purpose of preservation of traditional technique of "Japanese-style ship steerage" once a week.
General person can go on board free, too, and applicant can experience oar row.
In quiet, elegant Japanese-style ship, do you not feel wind across surface of a river?
Please experience by all means!

Service day

From March to July 20    Every Wednesday, second Sunday
From July 21 to August      Every Sunday
From September to November     Every Wednesday, second Sunday
From December to February     Every Sunday
※The next day travels when Wednesday is holiday.
※At the time of the rain, strong wind, it may be called off at other events.     

Reception hours

To 10:00-14:15
We can go on board from person who finished acceptance at the time mentioned above sequentially.

Passage fare

Free of charge

Boarding place

Umibe boarding place in Yokojyukkengawa Water Park (8-4, Umibe, Koutou-ku point)
Access: Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line "Sumiyoshi Station" 20-minute walk, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Toyocho Station" 20-minute walk

※When boarding is hoped for in more than ten groups
・Please inform of group name, the number of people, wanting time to the following contact information within one week before scheduled boarding date.
・Please bring boarding list which listed full name, representative name of all the people planning boarding, contact information on the day of the boarding.

Inquiry Department of Koto City engineering works river Park section engineering team telephone: 03-3647-2538
URL concerned http://www.city.koto.lg.jp/470601/machizukuri/kasenkoen/shuun/7477.html (page of Koto City website inner "Japanese boat riding")