[the end] Koto coastal line festival 2016

We hold "Koto coastal line festival" this year!
Various program to be able to enjoy entirely in now of Koto City including corner of meal and product sales that stage performance, Koto City by the small, middle and high school student in Koto City are proud of!

Please go out with family and friend with your friends.

Koto coastal line festival 2016
* The date and time:
Saturday, November 12, 2016, 13th Sunday 10:00-16:00
* Venue:
■Toyosu Park (flower tree and monument open space)
■Toyosu the seventh floor of Civic Center rekuhoru (2-2-18, Toyosu)
* Admission: Free (there is paid program partly)
* Event contents: As for the details, please see official site. ⇒http://koto-wanganmatsuri.jimdo.com/

★Para-canoeist whom orimpian and pararimpian, Koto City support
Panel discussion to depend on this

We greet Masaaki Suwa of the Paraca gnu world meeting seventh place in seritsu Monica, 2016 of Shintaro Ikeda of Beijing, the London Olympics badminton representative from Japan and Rio Paralympics Paraca gnu representative from Japan and hold talk event of panel discussion format.


Saturday, November 12, 2016 11:00-12:00 (opening 10:00 ...)


Toyosu the seventh floor of Civic Center rekuhoru (2-2-18, Toyosu, Koutou-ku)

Entrance fee

Free of charge


Beijing, London Olympics badminton representative from Japan Shintaro Ikeda
Rio Paralympics Paraca gnu nichihondaihyoseritsu Monica
2016 Paraca gnu world meeting seventh place Masaaki Suwa

★Meal and product sales corner of Koto City

※As for the details, please see official web site. ⇒http://koto-wanganmatsuri.jimdo.com/

[meal corner of Koto City]

peru e Mel (Toyosu: bakery)/Yokohama beer (Ariake: blend Meister cafe, draft beer)/door front teahouse (Tomioka: Fukagawa-meshi)/zelkova ya (Tomioka: Fukagawa-meshi)/Fukagawa Tourism Association (Tomioka: drinks various Iseya Kito)/5, Toyosu contact meeting (Toyosu: hombinosu shellfish steamed with sake)/Meijiza (Higashisuna: packing lunch)/MATSUYA FOODS (kitchen car, gyudon)

[product sales corner of Koto City]

☆Special product display sale, workshop of Koto City
Tsukuda treasure (Shinonome: various foods boiled in soy others)/Wood & Plywood Museum (Shinkiba: wood craft classroom)/Yumenoshima tropical zone botanical garden building (Yumenoshima: craft work)/NEC Solution Innovators (Shinkiba: the walk posture measurement)/Wakasu (various food which are advantageous Wakasu)/Tokyo Yumenoshima Marina (Yumenoshima: fun lotteries)/Yokoi brewing industry (Shinkiba: vinegar)/eye o travelers (Ojima: travel agency)/pal system Tokyo (Minamisuna: tasting party of yoghurt pudding)
☆In addition, display and sell; PR
As international (various import miscellaneous goods)/rokaringu <Toyosu, Shinonome, Ariake version> (11/12 Kiyomitsu calligraphy classroom, 11/13 My Gym Toyosu school)/Ogaki-shi, Gifu/Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima (only as for 11/13)/KidZania Tokyo (Toyosu: only as for 11/13)

Inquiry General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association
☎: 03-6458-7400✉: matsuri@koto-kanko.jp
URL concerned http://koto-wanganmatsuri.jimdo.com/ (website of Koto coastal line festival)