[prize-winning work announcement!] Attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City. Online sightseeing photographic contest 2016

"Attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City. We announce online sightseeing photographic contest 2016 prize-winning work!

"Attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City. Online sightseeing photographic contest 2016 is photographic contest to accept application on the Internet that Koto City Tourism Association for photographs which expressed a variety of sightseeing charm of Koto City hosts.
Sponsorship: General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association
Support: Koto City
The support: Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Koto Branch, Koto, Tokyo industrial league, the Koto City mall alliance society,
             Fukagawa Tourism Association, Kameido, Koto-ku tourist association

We held two branches of contests at the same time this year. Annual! Attractive excavation sightseeing photographic contest "right out attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City." of Koto City In addition to section, brand concept "of wardIt is "SPORTS&SUPPORTS" which waits, and was associated with Koto City where sports and human empathy are hot section.
The total number of effective application "right out attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City." In section 302 points (187 points of last year). 
In "SPORTS&SUPPORTS" section 50 points.
Much application, thank you very much. As a result of fair examination, we chose prize-winning work of following 21 points.

①"Right out attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City."

Shooting place
Mayor Eto Prize
Seiji Shinya
We play with Meiji maru
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
          The Etchujima campus
Koto City parliamentary speaker Prize
Katsuhiro Sato
Kiba Park
Koto City Tourism Association
          Director Prize
Asami Sakuma 
Tunnel of rainbow
Higashisuna, Koto-ku
(capital way 449 new Arakawa dike line)
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
         Koto Branch prize
Hiroyuki Ban
Pumpkin grounder grounder
Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
   Koto industrial league prize
Kunio Higuchi
The Fukagawa old downtown atmosphere
1, Miyoshi, Koutou-ku
Koto City
  Prize for mall alliance party
Tetsuyasu Watanabe
Golden gate bridge
Fukagawa Tourism Association prize
Hiroaki Takahashi
Sakura Fukagawa
Kurofune bridge
Koto City
  Kameido Tourism Association prize
Yuka Hayano
God line and the Skytree
Kameido Tenjinsha Shrine
Fine work
Kazunori Itoga
Gate bridge after rain
Tokyo Gate Bridge (Wakasu)
Fine work
Hiroaki Sakai
Bridge to the future,
Double rainbow and gate bridge
Shinonome, Koto-ku
Fine workToru Shimotori
We expect the morning sun from Yumenoshima-ohashi Bridge
Yumenoshima-ohashi Bridge
Fine work
Nobuyuki Suzuki
The surface of the water of rainbow color
Tokyo Big Sight
Fine work
Toshio Shiota
Ray of light of requiem
Contact bridge
Fine work
Toshiyuki Miyata
Light and green town
Gas Science Museum
Fine work
Akira Moriwaki
The Tate River bridge and diesel
Tatekawa river bed Park
Fine work
Yasuo Iwashita
Fukagawa dashing water on Festival
2, Morishita, Koutou-ku (Shin-ohashi-dori St.)
Fine work
Yukinori Hasumi
The town of water and light
Harumi Ohashi
Fine work
Masahiro Yoda
3, Ariake, Koutou-ku


 Photographer  TitleShooting place
Edge    MasatoshiClear boat weather
Akira MoriwakiFacility which is kind to everybody
Ariake Colosseum
Keiji Mano
Young power
Wakasu Seaside Park

You can see winning work in page of "result announcement".
⇒Page of prize-winning work is this place

In addition, you see all works which had you apply in the following pages.
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http://www.smartcross.jp/koto-kanko2016/ (until the end of January)

We use work which had you apply for tourist brochures and inflect in attractive dispatch of Koto City.
In addition, we perform photograph exhibition on Koto City Office the second floor of the central government office until from Tuesday, December 20, 2016 to Friday, January 6, 2017. Please arrive.

Additional held decision!
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 10:00 - Friday, January 13 16:00 Toyosu Civic Center the first floor gallery (2-2-18, Toyosu)
Thursday, February 9, 2017 10:00 - Friday, February 17 16:00 camellia plaza the first floor (2-19-1, Kameido)
In future "attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City. Please expect for online sightseeing photographic contest!

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Telephone: 03-6458-7400 
Email: photo-con@koto-kanko.jp