Kawazu-zakura reaches the best time to see.

Kawazu-zakura planted along the Oyoko River promenade located on the east side of metropolitan Kiba Park reaches the best time to see.
(photography: on February 14, 2017 shooting)

With early-blooming cherry blossoms which Kawazu-zakura begins to bloom from the beginning of February in usual, and bloom for about one month until the beginning of March, flower is big, and what is doing pinkness that is darker than general Yoshino cherry tree features. It is said to be opening that we send thought, and area donated 105 Kawazu-zakura along the Oyoko River promenade to Kawazu-zakura of Izu, Kawazu-cho and is.
It is earlier than usual and makes flower that dark pink is beautiful bloom this year from the end of January.

When we go to visit, by way of walk, how about?

Promenade (Shigeru forest Bridge ∼ Somi Bridge) of the Oyoko River waterside (Kiba 4.5)
[access] Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kiba Station" Exit 1 5-minute walk