Blue flag is purple and makes flower that white, pink are pretty bloom. Yokojyukkengawa Water Park

In "blue flag garden" in Yokojyukkengawa Water Park, flower of blue flag begins to bloom and pleases eyes of people.

<< May 30, 2017 shooting >> 

Boat for hire ground and the water athletic utilized the large surface of the water, island of wild bird, various places in the wide generation including "paradise of living thing" with blue flag garden and rice field are parks which they can enjoy again so that extension 1.9km that we maintained under the theme of "waterside of inhabitant of a ward", Yokojyukkengawa Water Park of 5.1ha in area are symbolized in "waterside".

About 90 kinds, 1,000 blue flags are planted in "blue flag garden" in garden, and purple, blue, colorful flower including white can enjoy the best time to see until the middle in meeting, the same month from the beginning of June.

Shall we take a walk leisurely while color of dark green being increasing water park, and enjoying cool blue flag?

The Yokojyukkengawa Water Park "blue flag garden"
[access] Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Toyocho Station" Exit 4 7-minute walk

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