We collected data on kokumeishiki of the 72nd yokozuna Kisenosato Seki!

risekikokumeihotsugesai of the 72nd daiyokokokisei

(coverage day: on June 9, 2017)

Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine is also called "Edo The origin of Kanjin Sumo", and "Yokozuna sumo wrestler monument" which Kyugoro Jinmaku made-based monument is installed in the precincts of Shinto shrine. When the name of successive yokozunas is carved with, and new yokozuna is born, association of sumo observer "kokumeishiki" is performed, and sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring of new yokozuna is dedicated to "Yokozuna sumo wrestler monument".

The Koto City Tourism Association staff went to kokumeishiki of the 72nd yokozuna Kisenosato Seki held in Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine!

On Friday, June 9, we waited for this day, and which came from Ibaraki of hometown came to the precincts in a lot of wabi bita fans closely.
Party enters signal on leader of lumber-carriers by drumbeat to say in larger quantities at 10:20 from the other side of Otorii, at first, to main hall. hotsuge of kokumei was performed to in front of God. Afterwards, toward kokumei of "Yokozuna sumo wrestler monument", Kisenosato Seki oneself put chisel by the name of "Kisenosato" next to the name of successive yokozunas. With sumo ring of kokumeishikigo heat of venue at the climax. Voice of "good show" echoed than the audience loudly whenever we stamped on the ring. Applause did not stop sounding after dedication was over either, and long line ranged to yokozuna monument just after that when we wanted to see kokumei early.

Anyone can see "Yokozuna sumo wrestler monument".
As there is "Ozeki Sumo wrestler monument" in the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine precincts, please see by all means at this opportunity.