Design offer of Koto City premium number plate

Local number plates such as motor bikes

We raise designs of number plates such as motor bikes (125cc or less) to publicize charm of Koto City inside and outside the ward.

Offer period

From Monday, June 26, 2017 to Friday, July 21 (must arrive)


Working, attendance at school resident in Koto City

Image of design

Thing which can publicize image of Koto City that a large number of competitions are held or "sports and human empathy are hot wait, and charm of ward appropriate for Koto City" reaches by Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament.

Application method

You mail to person in charge of Koto City inhabitant of a ward region taxation section tax practice clearly stating the next contents to blank paper of the A4 version side that filled in predetermined application paper or the frames of 10cm in height X 20cm in width or please bring.
(1) Design image
(2) Address
(3) Full name (furigana)
(4) Phone number
(5) Company name (working in ward)
(6) School name (attendance at school in ward)
(7) Explanation for design


〒Person in charge of 135-8383 4-11-28, Touyo, Koutou-ku Koto City inhabitant of a ward part taxation section tax practice

Application score

We assume one point for one.


We present book card 30,000 yen share to prize winner of the highest award.
(but the ward staff is excluded.)

Selection, examination

We carry out selection by two phases of primary examination, the second examination.
By primary examination, Koto City motor bikes choose several points after fair examination in the premium number plate design choice committee.
Afterwards, we carry out the second examination by the Internet and, about work which passed primary examination, decide adoption work.

Selection result

In communication with prize winner, we announce in this way on father ward office bulletin and Koto City homepage.


Entry is unpublished, and it is own work of applicant and it is limited to thing which does not violate other copyrights and trademarks, right of other third parties.
In addition, all rights about entry shall belong to Koto City.


You read "premium number plate design offer essential points such as Koto City motor bikes", and please apply.
※Attention, application paper in offer essential point, design look at website of the lower berth Koto City.

Inquiry Person in charge of Koto City inhabitant of a ward part taxation section tax practice
TEL: 03-3647-8093 / FAX: 03-3647-4822
URL concerned (premium number plate offer details pe ji in Koto City website)