Park part opens Koto Ward Toyosu around

We reprint than "ward office bulletin NO.1933 to ask in this way" (June 21, 2017 issue)

In new oasis full of water and green

"Park (Toyosu, Koto-ku 5-6) is opened Toyosu newly around" Friday, July 7.
Toyosu was park where park was proud of very large area around in municipal park of about 8.5ha (except market site) and was named because we surrounded one lap of Toyosu wharf around. Part except market site is opened this time, but can enjoy walk or running at the water's edge.
Come to park filled with greenery by all means among the seas.

It is park Koto Ward Toyosu around

Some opening of the park day

Friday, July 7, 2017


It is park parking lot Toyosu around
5, Toyosu slope
It is park boarding ground Toyosu around

It is park boarding ground Toyosu around

We are going to push forward examination so that canoe kayaks use in the future in mooring facility which we can use for departure and arrival of powerboat.

The park south side

It becomes promenade of the water's edge connecting 6, Toyosu park and 6, Toyosu second park.

6, Toyosu leader

In very large site, large playground equipment and lawn open space are maintained and can overlook Rainbow Bridge.
We possess parking lot.
[charge] It is 400 yen in one hour
[the use number] 58 (shoot two for person with a physical disability)

Inquiry [reference about plan of park]
Koto City river Park section plan adjustment charge
TEL: 03-3647-9426 / FAX: 03-3647-9216
[reference about the use of facility]
Person in charge of Koto City facility Maintenance Section general affairs
TEL: 03-3642-5099 / FAX: 03-3642-4748