The fourth child drawing design contest
Gold medal to make together

Let's draw gold medal of favorite color and form!

[sponsorship: federation of general incorporated association Koto, Tokyo industry]
We will have
children carrying the future describe medal in “ freedom! "Child drawing design contest" [gold medal to make together] that began in "and 2014 is held this year.

Contest of last year included application more than 2,400 points, and both works were carefree idea only by child and colorful, original works. As a result of examination over twice, 44 points of works were commended, and six points of the inside actually (we drew work with 3D printer and were crowded) made medal, and medal and certification were performed on the day of the commendation ceremony.

We draw gold medal of favorite color and form, and how about applying?

The fourth child drawing design contest
Gold medal to make together

Application period

From Friday, August 25, 2017 to Tuesday, September 26 (effective postmark)


Primary schoolchild, kindergartener living in Koto City and preschooler (more than 4 years old child class)


We draw on attached application paper of application guide book and we cut and submit
*We fill in the/full name, school Land name, grade/group, age, sex on the back of the work
*You may color (picture in watercolors, crayon, magic)


To teacher of charge of each each school/garden

Commendation ceremony (plan)

Sunday, November 12 Koto City industrial hall

Sponsorship: Koto, Tokyo industrial league
The cosponsorship: gyarariekuwaddo
Support: Koto City, Koto City Board of Education
The support: IHI Corporation, Takenaka Corporation, Fujikura Ltd., Koto industrial league officer, member company
Inquiry Koto, Tokyo industrial league telephone: 03-3699-7777
URL concerned (website of Koto City industrial league)