We issued KOTO beginning - Koto City sightseeing recommended BEST50-!

From royal road tourist attraction of Koto City to enthusiastic information to howl unintentionally, we introduce recommended BEST50!

The finest in the capital having various faces including coastal line area feeling waterside and green, the future in the old downtown atmosphere is unique; wait; Koto City.
19 competitions are to be carried out in 10 venues and, by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics, attract attention.

We issued "KOTO beginning - Koto City sightseeing recommended BEST50-" to introduce charm of such a Koto City to from viewpoint of sightseeing.

"Now" of Koto City, thing 50 careful selection that you should know that you should do that you should see. From celebrity spot that anyone knows to slightly enthusiastic information, charm of Koto City is full loading.

Does neither person knowing Koto City well nor person that it is not so touch charm of town at "the KOTO beginning?"

KOTO hajime Koto City sightseeing recommended BEST50

❖We try out noted products
Local cuisine "Fukagawa-meshi" and Kameido noted product Class B gourmet, bar bystreet only in downtown area, stylish cafe are eating a food with great relish in much-talked-about meal to Kiyosumi-Shirakawa to gather!
❖From Koto yearning for the old days record - Edo to Koto -
Development of Koto City begins in with Edo prefecture of Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa. Other than historic spot where it is indispensable to excavation of Onagigawa River, setting of ship guard station, development of Koto area including The birthplace of Fukagawa, we introduce cultural spot and people of connection.
❖The structure beauty of waterside
Bridge of about 130 is built over the town of waterside Koto City, and huge structure such as Tokyo Gate Bridge and gantry crane colors scenery of extensive waterside in coastal line area.
❖COOL! Koto
Cool Koto to boast of to the world from traditional craft to Tokyo Big Sight that Toyokuni Utagawa of ukiyoe artist, comic artist, Suiho Tagawa, animation of "norakuro", festival of costume play are carried out!
❖We will play in Koto City exhaustively!
Leisure, amusement places are varied in Koto City from Japanese-style ship experience to museum, hot spring! We introduce spot where is recommended to family in particular.
❖KOTO compendium of seasonal words
Koto City with many Shinto shrine Buddhist temples has a lot of seasonal highlight. In addition, Japanese-style ship niyurarenagaranoo cherry blossom viewing is scenery only in the town of waterside. Do you not come to enjoy season?

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