For 2020, we examine Koto number (the local number) introduction!

We carry out questionnaire about changes from "the Adachi number" to "the Koto number"

Country (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) is performing the third offer of "the local number" to let identification plate display region name with the proviso that we introduce design associated with area now. As application in ward alone was enabled by this offer, we examine introduction of "the Koto number". In introduction, it becomes requirements that the local agreement formation is planned and carries out questionnaire.

Purpose to introduce

  1. As all of inhabitant of a ward, companies uses "the Koto number", a local sense of unity our; wait, and attachment to Koto increases.
  2. We improve the popularity of Koto City by car of the Koto number running in each place and connect with local promotion and industrial activation, sightseeing promotion.

The local number introduction standard (we extract than the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism introduction summary)

  • You match design associated with area, and introduce after the local number was approved
  • Having policy for local promotion, sightseeing promotion utilizing the local number
  • Region name deserving thing expressing the area concerned by geographical names such as governorate or the old name of the country (resembling existing region name, and not causing confusion)
  • As a general rule, region name displayed by number plate assumes "kanji", and the number of the letters is "two characters"; thing. When is unavoidable, assume "kanji" or "hiragana letter", and the number of the letters is greatest "four characters"; thing

If the Koto number is introduced

 Q. When does it become the Koto number?
 A. We perform introduction application of the local number in country after having confirmed intention of inhabitants of a ward. 2018
   We suggest design and, in this, are going to be issued by the end of 2020.
 Q. What kind of car is it that becomes the Koto number?
 A. Car (including light car) establishing position of base of use of Koto City and 126cc cubic centimeter displacement or more motorcycles
   We do in this (with position of base of use, individual is living in fruit verge corporation: the activity actual situation such as offices
   A certain place).
 Q. Are the Koto number and the Adachi number available?
 A. When we put after Koto number grant, issued number is "Koto number".

We carry out questionnaire

[offer period] From Saturday, October 21, 2017 to Monday, November 20
[submission method]
 ①We input, and it is transmitted to questionnaire form by ward home pe ji
 ②Address, full name. ・We fill in opinion and mail to person in charge of Koto City Office area promotion section area promotion and fax or bring
   Person in charge of Koto City Office area promotion section area promotion (the fourth floor of the ward office)
   〒135-8383 4-11-28, Touyo, Koutou-ku
   FAX: 03-3647-8441

We exhibit booth by inhabitant of a ward Festival

We exhibit PR, questionnaire booth by the held Koto Citizens' Festival center Festival on Sunday on Saturday, October 28, 29th.

Other questionnaires

  • For from Monday, October 30 to Friday, November 10, we establish questionnaire and collection box to father information station (the second floor of the ward office) in this way.
  • We are going to carry out random sampling questionnaire by mail in November.

Inquiry Person in charge of Koto City area Fisheries Promotion Department area promotion section area promotion
TEL: 03-3647-4962 FAX: 03-3647-8441
URL concerned (pe ji in Koto City website concerned)
Attachment T0088_s.pdf (232.86KB)