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New Year holidays plan "Shichifukujin meguri(Visiting Shichifukujin)"

Bringing prays for all health and happiness in "Kameido" and "Fukagawa"!

It is got close as entertainment of general public from the Edo era and can enjoy Shichifukujin meguri(Visiting Shichifukujin) in Fukagawa and Kameido in Koto City each.

In the New Year, let's pray for "we bring about all health and happiness" over Shichifukujin(Seven Gods of Good Fortune) with brilliant way of speaking by culture tour guide.

Tour of Kameido Seven Deities of Good Luck

7, Kameido god of wealth is dedicated to by three Shinto shrines around Kameido Station, Kameido-Suijin Station and three temples. There are view spot of the Tokyo Skytree and photogenic spot including retro mall by roadside a lot.
・Thursday, January 4 ① 9:30 -② 13:00 ...
・Friday, January 5 ① 9:30 -② 13:00 ...  ※Two times of every day
Kameido station square park (2-21-9, Kameido, Koutou-ku) 
Kameido station square park (departure) → Jokouji Temple → Tokakuji Temple → Katorijinja Shrine → Fumon-in Temple → Tensojinja Shrine → Ryugenji Temple → Kameido Umeyashiki (dissolution)

Tour of Fukagawa Seven Deities of Good Luck

Fukagawa Shichifukujin(Seven Gods of Good Fortune) is enshrined in three Shinto shrines of Morishita Station, Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station, Around Monzen-nakacho Station and four temples. Just what stables of sumo form a line is in this area other than venerable Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine and historic spot and is the highlight full loading.
・Saturday, January 6 ① 9:30 -② 13:00 ...
・Sunday, January 7 ① 9:30 -② 13:00 ...  ※Two times of every day
In front of Toei Oedo Line "Morishita Station" wicket (basement) 
Toei Oedo Line "Morishita Station" (departure) → Fukagawa Shinmeigu Shrine → Fukagawa Inari jinja Shrine → Ryukoin Temple → Enjuin Temple → Shingyoji Temple → Fuyuki Bentendo Temple → Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine → Tomioka inhabitant of a ward building (dissolution)


More than each time 25 people primary schoolchild (protector companion) ※That can feel like waiting, and there being of around three hours


Of 500 yen per person (insurance et al., primary schoolchild for free) ※On the day it is paid by the staff


Apply over telephone.
Application period: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 9:00 - Wednesday, December 27 17:00 ※It is finished as soon as it becomes first-come-first-served basis/capacity
The Koto City culture tour guide secretariat (the Koto City Tourism Association)
Telephone: 03-6458-7410

※We do to five people by one application.


・About group action, please refrain from collecting red seals during tour.
・Please set up drink, hat for hydration.
・Come with mobile clothes, shoes.
・Dissolution time may be prolonged depending on the congestion situation of the day.
・It will be available on schedule in case of rain. When case of stormy weather and other unavoidable circumstances occur, it may become cancellation or running that we change a part of course.
・Reservation, reservation contents change, reception desk of cancellation until principle Wednesday, December 27 17:00.
Inquiry The Koto City culture tour guide secretariat (the Koto City Tourism Association)
Telephone: 03-6458-7410
Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 (we take a rest on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)