Koto City sightseeing character "Kotomi" participates in "local character Festival in sumida 2018".

In soramachi open space
Stage performance♪

Local character flocks!

Koto City sightseeing character “ Kotomi participates in "local character Festival in sumida 2018" which makes "Oyoko River Shinsui-Koen Prak" "Tokyo Skytree town" "Asakusa-dori St." (dumb person or mall) venue on Sunday on Saturday, May 26, 27th.

On the day of the holding, about 100 characters flock from each places of the whole country!
Other than performance by each character, we can enjoy various events such as each local PR booth, local gourmet, stamp rally.

Of course!
Idol Kotomi of Koto City sightseeing character, waterside appears for stage performance & greeting, too and enlivens event very much!
In Kotomi booth in Oyoko River Shinsui-Koen Prak, we sell sightseeing PR and quite popular Kotomi goods of Koto City. We cannot overlook this, too.

Please come to play! We look forward to your coming♪♪♪

Local character Festival in sumida 2018


Saturday, May 26, 2018, 27th Sunday 10:00-17:00 ※We may cancel event at the time of stormy weather.


Oyoko River Shinsui-Koen Prak
The Tokyo Skytree town 1F soramachi open space
The Tokyo Skytree town 4F sky arena
Asakusa-dori St. (dumb person or mall)

※For details, please confirm in the lower berth URL (the Tokyo Skytree official web site).

Do you meet with Kotomi moving the venue?

We perform greeting in front of Kotomi booth.

Extreme popularity! Festival Kotomi
We praise highly and are selling little mascot

URL concerned http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/ (the Tokyo Skytree official web site)