Under Kotomi [LINE stamp] sale!

Sorry to have kept you waiting very much!
LINE stamp of Koto City sightseeing character "Kotomi" was done at last♥

We colored talk screen of communication application "LINE" to be able to enjoy free email easily anywhere anytime, and Koto City sightseeing character Kotomi appeared to LINE stamp which enlivened conversation!

We are pleased that Kotomi cries and are angry and. 40 kinds of convenient stamps which is usable in various scenes!
Kotomi who is pretty, and is full of expressions conveys feeling not to be handed down in place of you only by words.

We download Kotomi stamp right now, and let's swell by talk♪


120 yen (50 in)

Method for purchase

It is Clik! in https://line.me/S/sticker/4665237
(we move to Kotomi (Koto City sightseeing character) page of "LINE store" or "LINE stamp shop".)

※When we purchase from LINE application
Kotomi is searched by LINE application to start ⇒ stamp shop! ⇒We choose ⇒ Kotomi to change to tab of creators (Koto City sightseeing character) and purchase

Kotomi stamp
It is 40 kinds in total!

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