Tourist Information delivery service proof experiment

Tourist Information delivery service (Skipps)

In cooperation with ORIX Corporation, we test proof of Tourist Information delivery service (Skipps) for trip stages called "trip naka ※ 1 after visit to Japan" to raise excursion characteristics such as sightseeing, gourmet, shopping for visit to Japan foreigner tourists in Koto City.
Unify information such as sightseeing base and the accommodations, eating and drinking, product sales shop, and this service provides multilingually, and NFC ※We utilize 2 and QR cord technology, and tourist just warms smartphone over plate installed in sightseeing bases and can easily obtain necessary information.

Delivery information

  1. MAP information (tourist attraction, restroom, publication of Koto-City Wi-Fi) in conjunction with Google
    ※Restroom and Wi-Fi are limited on the line of flow from the neighborhood of tourist attraction and facilities, station.
  2. Gourmet, event, model course ("show thing" and is linked to our ya site "Koto Travel Information Bureau")

Offer language

Day, British zhongwen Chinese Traditional, zhongwen simplified Chinese character, 5 languages of Korean

Proof experiment period

We plan one year from June, 2018

The way of use of this service

  • Installation is not necessary because it is not application.
    You access facility in ward from QR cord and NFC on plate of setting, and please use.
    It is available from the lower berth QR cord.
  • We recognize smartphone setting language of user automatically and are displayed by the language concerned.

※Visit to Japan foreign visitor enters Japan, and 1 "trip naka" is state during visit to Japan trip before leaving the country.
※Standard of 2 two ways short distance communication (Near Field Communication). Data transmission and reception is enabled just to shade with apparatuses such as smartphones for NFC.

QR cord

The top screen

Plate photograph

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