Of the day of the ceremony commemorative for Emperor reign 30 years release for free [Sunday, February 24]

Celebration business commemorative for Emperor reign 30 years

Commemorative ceremony is held for Emperor reign 30 years on Sunday, February 24, 2019.
In Koto City, we release the following history facilities for free as part of celebration business on the day of the ceremony.
Please go out at this opportunity.

The date

Sunday, February 24, 2019


●Basho Museum (1-6-3, Tokiwa, Koutou-ku)
 https://www.kcf.or.jp/basho/ (website of Basho Museum)
●Fukagawa Edo Museum (1-3-28, Shirakawa, Koutou-ku)
 http://www.kcf.or.jp/fukagawa/ (website of Fukagawa Edo Museum)
●Nakagawa Funabansho Museum (9-1-15, Ojima, Koutou-ku)
 https://www.kcf.or.jp/nakagawa/ (website of Nakagawa Funabansho Museum)