Sisters guessed Koto City sightseeing, and "they took office as unit" on three on April 1!

Sisters (success, childhood, three trees) promote sightseeing of Koto City drama of the virtual YouTuber (popular name VTuber) lead broadcasting in TV Tokyo others on three on April 1 that is character of "one of the Watanukis" (watanukisanchino); "recommended sightseeing in Koto City, and took office as unit".

Situation comedy drama representing cohabitation that is sister on three on April 1 when "one of the Watanukis" lives in single house of Koto City, Monzennakacho. At the age of VTuber do not miss, and Sarugakucho Futaba, three people of sound tree ao play three sisters.

This "sightseeing in Koto City suppose unit" appointment of from March 30, 2019 to July 31 is for a limited time.
We promote sightseeing of Koto City and will do activities such as PR in future.

Official Twitter: @ watanukisanchi
Official Instagram: @ watanukisanchi
Formal hashtag: #Guess # Koto City sightseeing of the Watanukis; unit 

URL concerned (website of "one of the Watanukis")