We issued "autumn of father fully pitter-patter so like this father weather 2019 charm"!

Koto outing information magazine issued "autumn of father fully pitter-patter so like this father weather 2019 charm"!

Sorry to have kept you waiting! Of quite popular "pitter-patter weather to ask in this way" issued the latest issue.

Issue features six recreation spots in associated Koto City very much now under the theme of autumn so that meal, art learns.

At first, spot Toyosu Market which is good in autumn of appetite.
We observe water dropwort full of vigor, and fresh ingredients of market smack their lips in shop to be able to enjoy and do shopping in professional purveyance for the government shop and. We send charm of Toyosu Market reaching the opening first anniversary.
Two digital art museum Team Lab where are different from Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo that it was reopened in this March to want to come in autumn of art in concept. It is up-and-coming spot where art is felt close.
Spot Miraikan-The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and Panasonic center Tokyo tickling intellectual curiosity are most suitable for autumn of learning. As we can learn while playing, we can enjoy both children and adults.
In addition, walk spot around each facility and recommended gourmet are introduced, too.

In addition, as for event information in ward of from September to November, Koto coastal line worship held information of 2019 without passing over!

Please enjoy autumn outing in hand by "weather you ask in this way, pitter-patter".

Summary of leaflet

・Size: 16 pages of AB sizes
・Circulation: Part 31000
・Prices: Free of charge
・Distribution place: Koto City Tourism Association office, Koto City Office and branch office, Toyosu special branch office, each Culture Center,
Including facility in wards such as some tourist facilities or hotels (distribution start occasional than the beginning of September)

※We mail to house ino person outside ward. Please refer.
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