We hold KOTO coastal line photo walk!

We hold event to enjoy scenery to one hand with camera and smartphone!

Toyosu holds walking event "KOTO coastal line photo walk" to take photograph while enjoying scenery of coastal line areas such as park and Toyosu Park, Harumi canal around.
Professional photographer engaged in advertisement production of Koto City residence goes together and advises arts of photography. Park and Toyosu Park attract attention around as location of movie and drama, and Toyosu has many view spots. It will be sure to get glass obstacling at the time of segmenting point and shooting that camera life including method that to go, and it seems to and is not crowded in the future becomes fun.
Beginner warm welcome! Do you not participate in photowalk of coastal line area of superb view?

 Cooperation: Deer world 
Photographer :Shinichi Yokoyama

※Photographic contest "charm aspects of all kinds, Koto City. Online sightseeing photographic contest 2019 now being held!
Application until Friday, November 29
The details are ⇒

KOTO coastal line photo walk


Sunday, November 10, 2019 10:00~12:00 (reception desk start 9:40)


It is park, the Toyosu Park neighborhood Toyosu around
Start: The roof tree planting open space (Toyosu Market)


30 (application order) ※When it reaches capacity, we finish offer.
Primary schoolchild should be protector companion.

Entrance fee

Free of charge

Participation method

Please bring digital camera or smartphone. (there is not rental of camera)
Person with child, please report beforehand. (possible stroller bringing)

Application method

Fill in the requirements on application, by deadline for following application [attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City. Apply by FAX or e-mail to online sightseeing photographic contest administration secretariat]. We inform person applied for of the details separately.
FAX: 03-6458-7420 e-mail: photo-con@koto-kanko.jp

Deadline for application

It must arrive by Friday, November 1, 2019