Koto City Tourist Information booklet carries out "weather production duties trust company choice proposal we ask in this way, pitter-patter"

 Thank you very much for cooperation named mint, support for Koto City Tourism Association business as always.
 Because Tourist Information booklet expanded contents of "weather in Koto City Tourism Association even more we asked in this way, pitter-patter", we decided to recruit the most suitable companies in proposal system (plan competition method) if we entrusted with accomplishment of production duties of our booklet.

1.Duties summary
 Please confirm the details on implementation guideline, specifications.
(1) Duties name: Of Koto City Tourist Information booklet "pitter-patter weather to ask in this way" production duties
(production for 4 seasons of the summer of 2020 issue, the autumn of 2020 issue, 2020/winter of 2021 issue, the spring of 2021 issue)
(2) Duties observance of a contract period: Until contract date hereof (the beginning of April, 2020 plan) - March 31, 2021
(3) The upper limit price: 4,400,000 yen (tax-included)
(4) Circulation: The total number of copies to issue every season more than Part 30000

2.Participation qualification
 Koto City Tourism Association regular member
 ※It is possible if we become regular member at the time of application submission

3.Written inquiries
 Please submit by email if you have question about this proposal. Style is free. Please list address, business name or name, representative full name, the person in charge belonging, full name, telephone, e-mail address.
(1) Until deadline for written inquiry receptionist Wednesday, December 18, 2019 17:00
(2) Destination email: staff@koto-kanko.jp
(3) Contact information 03-6458-7400 (direct) Koto City Tourism Association Sakai, *
(4) Answer to answer question transmits by email by 17:00 on Tuesday, December 24, 2019.

4.Documents for proposal participation application and examination
 We download participation applications than the following attachment by Thursday, December 26, 2019 and submit documents for participation application and examination to the Koto City Tourism Association secretariat (must arrive)

Inquiry The General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association secretariat (charge Sakai, *)
Telephone: 03-6458-7400
FAX: 03-6458-7420
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