Toyosu Market "Edo morning market downtown area" opens on January 24.

Market alley (Marchais ridge) entrance front image

"Edo morning market downtown area" for a limited time is opened by Toyosu Market!

New commercial facilities "Edo morning market downtown area" (edomaejokamachi) of Toyosu Market opens on Friday, January 24.
Including Toyosu Market-related store, stores which can experience Japanese meal and culture assemble in full force. Product shop, entering of 21 stores in total to deal with restaurant, souvenirs such as sushi or seafood bowl utilized ingredients of Toyosu Market are planned.

It was named meal with bustle such as (place downtown area) castle town of Toyosu Market that kitchen of meal of Japan featured the theme of "Edo-style" as for the name of "Edo morning market downtown area" and dispatch base of lifestyle with thought so that it was.
Facility is 1 story above the ground, floor space 734.84 square meters. "Toyosu ground downtown area" (foods hall ridge) to be able to enjoy seafood roast using ingredients of market and a variety of gastrozooid omen of Japan gathers souvenirs which can feel fresh ingredients of market and the Japanese best, and "market alley" (Marchais ridge) to buy, and to be able to enjoy walk is comprised in three zones of "Edo-style open space" (multipurpose open space) that can rest that various, gathers such as outdoors Marchais or event.

In this facility, it is limitation business as tentativeness business before facility (6 blocks) with a flourishing trade starting operation as "bustle creation business utilizing facility business site (5 blocks) with a flourishing trade" that Tokyo promotes for 3 years, but domestic and foreign tourists and area inhabitants visiting Toyosu Market can touch with ingredients of market close and are expected to be able to create new bustle.

※About Edo morning market downtown area branch store, please see the lower berth "attachment".

Edo morning market downtown area (edomaejokamachi)

The location

6-3-12, Toyosu, Koutou-ku (Toyosu Market 5 block)

Opening day

Friday, January 24, 2020

Business hours, holiday

From 9:00 to 18:00 (as for grilled market sea foods Kaishuu "taste" until 21:00)
Sunday, Wednesday, holiday others that Toyosu Market will be closed


Yurikamome Line "Shijomae Station" 1-minute walk

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