We open in Ariake, Toyosu area one after another! We introduce the up-and-coming latest spot

We introduce three places of latest spots of Ariake, Toyosu area.

Up-and-coming new spot opens large-scale development one after another this spring in Ariake, Toyosu area in progress.
Only in the latest spot of 2020 ichi push including shopping facility, large compound facility with hotels and one of the world's largest indoor model miniature theme parks! We prepare for tomorrow's lesson well before it's too late, and let's prepare for opening.

New Landmark large size commercial facilities of Ariake
Sumitomo Realty & Development shopping city Ariake garden [Wednesday, June 17 opening]

200 stores large size shopping facility more than is born now in large-scale compound block "Ariake garden" to go ahead through of development in Ariake area. Various shops meeting wide needs from daily life to non-daily life under the theme of three of "we taste wealthily and bring up happily and live splendidly" are prepared. In addition, it is completely equipped sequentially in Ariake garden maximum theater type hall of 8,000 accommodation, theater for exclusive use of the theatrical company four seasons, all 749 high grade Hotel, large-scale warm bath facility.

The location

2-1-8, Ariake, Koutou-ku


Yurikamome Line "Ariake Station" 2-minute walk/Rinkai Line "Kokusai-Tenjijo Station" 4-minute walk


http://www.sumitomo-rd.co.jp/lp/ariake/index.html (Sumitomo Realty & Development official site, Ariake garden)

Mixed use model facility where office, commercial facilities, hotel is even on
Toyosu bay side cross [we open sequentially on Monday, June 1]

Toyosu bay side cross that office, commercial facilities, hotel is prepared. In the first floor ... the fourth floor of building "Toyosu bay side cross tower" becoming the nucleus under the ground, it is in satisfying eating and drinking, product sales zone meeting various needs of the class of various visitors. Other than restaurant with terrace to provide space of good-quality rest to, eating and drinking store which can plan komyukeshon with friend who is important for work return and all 36 stores including attractive bakery, food which we want to take to go to home open a store. On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, hotel starts a business on ... the 36th floor on the 33rd floor.

The location

2-2-1, Toyosu, Koutou-ku


Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Toyosu Station" direct connection/Yurikamome Line "Toyosu Station" 1-minute walk


https://www.mitsuifudosan.co.jp/corporate/news/2019/1129/ (Mitsui Fudosan official site news release)

Let's go to the world of "other. "
SMALL WORLDS TOKYO [Thursday, June 11 opening]

The world's largest indoor model miniature theme park where Kansai International Airport, space center, Evangelion, beautiful girl soldier Sailor Moon can enjoy a great variety of views of the world. We realize "the miniature world to move" where the tip technology fused with precise technique only in Japan. You can enjoy unprecedented attractive space watching absorbedly.

The location

1-3-33, Ariake, Koutou-ku Ariake distribution center


Yurikamome Line "Ariake-Tennis-no-Mori Station" 3-minute walk/Rinkai Line "Kokusai-Tenjijo Station" 9-minute walk
※There is not parking lot. Please arrive in public transport.


https://www.smallworlds.jp/ (SMALL WORLDS TOKYO official site)

Sumitomo Realty & Development shopping city
Ariake garden appearance image

Toyosu bay side cross tower
The appearance image